My Fifth Mindvalley Interview: Why I Believe I’m Getting Hired!

I’m excited to unofficially announce that I am 99.99% sure I am going to be Mindvalley’s newest employee!

Why do I say this? Read on, young dreamer.

My fifth Mindvalley interview took place last night. That interview was the shortest, most deliciously sweet interview yet.

I had it with the Head Boss of the Customer Support Team. Her official title is not Head Boss, but it would be cool if it was.

This was my second interview within the customer support department, which I explained as being a good sign when I expressed my joyous emotions after my third Mindvalley interview. 

This was a good sign because instead of interview across various departments, I interviewed deeper into one department.

Moving forward in life is better than moving left-to-right.

Why I’m 99.99% Sure I’m Hired

Okay! For the big reason why I truly believe they are going to hire me:

She said, “Sam, I am officially hiring you into our department.”

Hah. Just kidding. That would be weird if she said that, yet I still was slightly unsure if I was hired or not.

But for real doe. She began the interview telling me that she knew I’ve already answered all of the questions she was about to ask me, but she wanted to hear them for herself.

I proceeded to tell her the important and relevant facts about myself: what my passions and strengths are, how I heard about Mindvalley (Thank you Chris.), and why I would make a good fit for the team.

We were only 9 minutes into the interview when she said,

“Sam, I have no need to ask you anymore questions because you’ve already had 4 interviews. The rest of the team has said good things about you. I think you’re awesome, and I believe you would be a perfect fit for our team here.”


I wanted to be original, so instead of saying “dynamite” I thought “fuzzy bear”. No imaginary fuzzy bears were harmed in the creation of my thoughts.

Don’t judge.

The reason why it is still unofficial is for two reasons:

  1. She still had to email the hiring department.
  2. She had to check in with the CEO, Vishen, to see if he wanted to interview me.

So in my opinion, it isn’t really a matter of “Will they say yes or no?!”, but more a matter of waiting until they officially say “yes”.

Did I Take A Somewhat Risky Move?

When she told me that she still had to email Vishen to see if he even needed to interview me since I’ve already had 5, I said to her.

“When you talk to Vishen, tell him I want to interview with him!”

She laughed and sounded thrilled that I wanted to have a SIXTH Mindvalley interview.. Especially with him.

Remember, Vishen is one of my biggest entrepreneurial inspirations.

I didn’t mention this before, but after my third Mindvalley interview, I expressed how it was a big turning point for me because I was booked an interview with the senior partner. Well, that interview ended up getting cancelled. The reason being because they wanted to make sure I was a perfect fit for the team.

This quickly gave me huge doubts about myself.

Did they second guess me? Did a whole new wave of potentially more badass people apply that they wanted to hire over me? What the heck is going on?!

But I quickly destroyed those thoughts and told myself that the reason my interview with the senior partner was cancelled is because they would later reschedule me for an interview with the CEO himself.

This is something I really wanted; now, it may potentially happen

What if I have a sixth Mindvalley interview with Vishen and I totally mess it up? What if I’m all nervous to talk to him because he is a role model of mine? What if I fumble my answers around and sound really fake?

Could I have 5 amazing interviews that were going to get me hired and then ruin it all in 1 single interview?

Sure, those could all happen, but those aren’t what I’m thinking about.

I’m looking FORWARD to having a sixth interview.

Having an opportunity to talk with Vishen and begin building the beginning of a relationship is something I would be blessed to have. I want to show him that I am truly passionate about Mindvalley and their big crazy dream of affecting 1 billion lives.

Ultimately, I want to instill the belief in him that I will be a perfect fit for the Mindvalley family.

From Here On Out

I didn’t make a video last week like I should have, but the two interviews I was booked after my third interview were both cancelled.

This shook my belief. Hard.

They ended up rescheduling me for two more interviews, so it was as if they never cancelled in the first place. But in that in between moment where I didn’t know if I had an interview or not was tough.

And if you are actually keeping up with all of the crazy happenings with these interviews, you are totally awesome.

To end the fifth Mindvalley interview, the lady said “I look forward to seeing you soon, Sam!”

Wow. Talk about surreal living.

I was so deeply entrenched in the present moment.

I was no longer thinking with my head, but I was feeling positive emotions with my body.

It was beautiful.

This dream is coming soo close to being realized.

It is truly crazy to think that 32 days ago, Mindvalley didn’t know I existed; now, they want me to join them.

I love you all and hope I can serve you well. This is all only the very beginning.

Dedicated to you and me,


  • Tina Plain

    Awesome! See you in Malaysia.