My Third Mindvalley Interview: The Turning Point I’ve Been Hoping For!

Yes baby! Things are beginning to flow along very smoothly, especially since I had my third Mindvalley interview last night.

How did it go?

It went absolutely incredible. This interview was a turning point for me.

My Mindvalley interview happened at 8:00 PM last night, which was 11:00 AM their time, and it lasted about 25 minutes. I interviewed with a kind woman in the Customer Support department.

I’m just having a blast right now.

The Awesome Turning Point

Like I said earlier, this interview was a huge turning point for me.

I received an email about 5 hours later from Mindvalley saying that they wanted to book me for TWO more interviews:

  • One this Thursday with the senior partner
  • One next Monday with the Head of Customer Support

First of all, an interview with the senior partner?!

Woah. The senior partner is like the CEO’s right hand man (woman in this case), and an interview with someone of her authority within the company is a very big deal.

The CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, is one of my inspirations when it comes to entrepreneurship and world-change, so it will be awesome getting to talk with someone who is so closely connected to him.

All of my interviews so far have just been interviews across different departments. I perceive it as just moving left and right, rather than moving forward. Interviewing with the senior partner makes me believe that MAYBE they have found the department they think I would fit best in, so now they want to progress me closer to the point of potentially being hired.

I’m more excited than nervous for this next interview, but that will probably flip-flop during the minutes right beforehand.

Secondly, my fifth interview will be with somebody from the Customer Support department.

This is the department I JUST had an interview in. So instead of passing me around to the different departments to see where I would fit best, I think they finally decided which department I would be a part of if I am to be hired.

Again, I’m not moving left and right across different departments, I’m progressing further into one specific department.

These are all just my opinions about what is happening, but they sure do make me giddy like a little boy finding out a girl has a crush on him.

Maybe Mindvalley has a crush on me?… =]

My Interview State Of Being

This interview was the quickest 25 minutes of my life. Why?

Because I was in my perpetual state of flow. I wasn’t attached to any outcome, I didn’t think about the future, I didn’t try to meet certain expectations, and I just wanted to express myself and have fun.

I was living in the present moment. The present moment makes you feel like a superhero.

I was asked a lot of meaningful questions. These were the kinds of questions that people have a mini-panic attacks over.

When you add a little Mindvalley flavor to the mix, you get questions like these:

Tell me something about yourself that I we would like to know?

What is your relationship with personal growth and spirituality?

What can you bring to Mindvalley?

What are your 5 year goals?

These are some heavy-hitting questions that could possibly make or break the potentiality of me getting a job. What did I do to prepare for intense questions like these?

Nothing at all.

I don’t prepare canned responses ahead of time when it comes to interviews. For me, I am much more relaxed and honest when I can just listen to a question, reflect on it for a brief moment, and then give my genuine reply.

When people are trying to memorize all of these potential things they should say in an interview, they become stressed and cannot fully be present with the interviewer.

The responses they give might logically sound good, but they will not sound authentic.

Authenticity is a huge key for success in this coming generation.

I would rather authentically give a good response over giving a perfect response that is not authentic.

Hey, it’s got me this far, so it must be working. =]

With A Cherry On Top

Today is beautiful. It’s amazing how all of this is happening during the turn of the Spring season! It’s very motivating and awe-inspiring.

Mindvalley interview beautiful scene

I took these pictures while strolling through the woods on my morning walk.

Mindvalley interview beautiful day

I’ll create posts and videos like this that just document my thoughts and experiences with this journey.

Right now, it is Mindvalley interview galore.

Once I get hired, which is what I’m working towards, I will begin to share more deeply my wisdom and insights that can directly help you in your journey.

Although I’m staring at a screen and typing on a keyboard to people that may not even exist, I feel love towards you.

Is that weird? Deal with it.

Oh. And have a beautiful day.

  • Nicholas Humphries

    I enjoy reading about your journey here and on YouTube. Keep it up Sam! Wishing you luck and opportunity from Amsterdam.

    • Sam Clitheroe

      Thanks a lot Nicholas!

      One day my journeys will take me out to Amsterdam, and when it does, we shall go out and have a good time. =]